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Stevo's Business Book of the Week 09/17   Business Book of the Week

Started Sep-17 by stevo4747; 69 views.

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Stevo's Business Book of the Week for the week of 09/17 is:

The Yarnell 7: The Seven Core Decisions for Extraordinary Living by Amy Yarnell Carter, illustrated by Dylan Russell, edited by Spencer Borup (The Yarnell 7, $.99 on Kindle - The Yarnell 7 is not an ordinary book. It is a manual for living the best life that you can possibly live. It is NOT a positive thinking, imagine-it-all-and-it-will-come-true type of book. It is a guide of certainty that provides you with the seven most powerful decisions you will ever make. At some point in your life, you will need to DECIDE if you prefer to continue down the normal path of indecision and the general "meh" of ordinary existence or if you prefer to get off that bus and be extraordinary. There is a time when you decide your life is dictated by those around you, or you DECIDE that your life is, indeed, your own. You have arrived at that place and you have a decision to make. Do you want to live an incredible, amazing, powerful, awesome life? Or do you not? Your LIFE, your DECISION. "The Yarnell 7" is based on the decisions that the legendary best-selling author, speaker and network marketer, Mark Yarnell, made on a daily basis. These seven decisions enabled him to live an extraordinarily happy, successful and all-around phenomenal life. Written by his daughter, Amy Yarnell Carter, "The Yarnell 7" gives you the opportunity to make the same powerful choices that Mark Yarnell made and to live the extraordinary life that you so richly deserve. So if you are ready to finally LIVE at the HIGHEST LEVEL, then CONGRATULATIONS. Make the seven most powerful decisions you will ever make and watch yourself move from ordinary to extraordinary. Read on, my friend, and as Mark Yarnell would say: "I'll see you on the beaches of the world!")