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'Idle No More' protest again    General Politics

Started Feb-12 by Sundawncer; 75 views.

From: Sundawncer


Regrettably, in reality Tribal groups that have 75% plus of native murders and manslaughters, committed by other natives in their own villages, so they are wasting their efforts protesting with signs directed at whites and others.

McAdam was attending the Saskatoon rally in support of Boushie's family on Saturday, when her daughter called her in tears. Her daughter had been in the maternity ward in Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital, when she overheard a person in the shared room loudly speaking about the Boushie case, saying, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

Racist threats expose 'something very rotten' in Sask., says Idle No More co-founder.
CBC February 11, 2018

The fallout from Friday night's not guilty verdict in the Gerald Stanley trial is emboldening racism, say Indigenous people who say they have seen and felt the effects of threatening behaviour.

"There's something very rotten to the core about what's happening here in Saskatchewan," said Sylvia McAdam, who hails from Big River First Nation and who is one of the co-founders of the Idle No More movement.

A jury found Stanley not guilty in the murder of 22-year-old Colten Boushie. McAdam says that decision has allowed non-Indigenous people to "be bold, to be brave and to be brazen" in voicing racism and threats against Indigenous people.

Did you read what Jim said, I'm sorry to say that I agree with him!
- He said:
"Here are some facts. I had the misfortune of living in North Battleford for 8 years. When I first moved there the local residents of the apt building I moved into warned me about the crime and property damage the local Indian "Youth Gangs" caused on pretty much a nightly basis, they told me to leave my car unlocked and not leave anything of value in my car otherwise if the doors were locked the Indians would just break the windows to get into my car. I was skeptical at first but within 2 days my car was broke into and this happened for the next 8 years about 2 or three times a week. On one occasion they tried to steal my car but must of got scared off because they left all of the "tools" they were using on the front seat but they managed to damage the ignition so bad I could not start my car-$800.00 for a new ignition etc. Then came the the tire slashings on several occasions-just for fun for them, 3 tires slashed in one incident, but like most people I only had one spare so I had to miss work that day and spent the rest of the day changing tires and taking a cab to the nearest garage to get new tires. That wasn't enough fun for them, soon after the Indian juvenile delinquents thought it would be fun to break the windshields. In one night they slashed dozens of tires and broke many windows so not a single vehicle in the apt complex was left without damage. In the end they ended up costing my roommate and I several thousands of dollars in "Indian Fun" and we got the hell out of there. The INDIANS cause WHITE MEN to be racist, I did not have a racist bone in my body until I had to live next to these people, they have no regard for anyone but themselves and they think anything WHITEY worked hard for they can take. I would invite the CBC reporters and JC to come live in North Battleford for a few months (remember to leave your car unlocked) then let them comment."




Touchy topic!? stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Constantly shouting "Idle No More".

Sounds like and inactive group to me.




Is it racism when you point out a criminal?

CRIME is not a race ! How come people can't seem to understand that ?

That fact that this car load of criminals were also native is secondary to the fact that they attacked that farm as criminals not natives. The farmer defended himself from a group of criminals not natives. The media and the social activists are the ones who keep going on about the poor natives prejudice.  

 FOCUS ON THE CRIMES         rage

Just as the globalist and leftiots, some people never grow up!


From: Cap_Crunch


CBC is having a so-called journalistic field day with these stories.

The aboriginal and the American Natives that made it well and flourishing in their lives are the once we never hear of, because they are busy working and paying taxes like the rest of us, just like you Sundawcer, Mark, Mispon, Debby and many more!!


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From: Cyianda


Disgusting racist threats by whities is a sickening epidemic