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Do Canadians have to be there?   General Politics

Started 3/17/18 by Sundawncer; 3357 views.

From: Sundawncer


Do Canadians have to be in Mali too?
The French are there already for decades, although they have top military equipment and top military men, nothing has changed for the better, now - why are Canadians there? 

A Malian professor living in Toronto once told me a secret, he said: "We speak and walk in slow motion, we do things slowly, why do North American rush so much and speak so fast?" 

Just to say this is their culture, in slow motion, by the time this war will be over, we won’t be around anymore - it might actually stop, just look at the rest of African country, why don't they help out getting their enemies out? 


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From: Sundawncer


Canada to send helicopters, troops to Mali: government source.

Business Insider UK 16 March 2018

Canada will send helicopters and support troops, including medical staff, to join a United Nations peace-keeping mission in Mali later this year, a senior Canadian government source said late on Friday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government will announce on Monday that Canada plans to send troops and aircraft to Mali for up to 12 months, said the official, who declined to provide further details.

The plan was earlier reported by Canadian broadcaster CBC.


From: F0ghorn


So Justin Trudeau wants to be a war Prime Minister ?

Brilliant, maybe he'd stand in Trial as a warmonger too

four_leaf_clover  ''Ik schrijf brief voor minister, 

ik niet preek want ik geen priester.''


From: misspig9y


Sundawncer said:

A Malian professor living in Toronto once told me a secret, he said: "We speak and walk in slow motion, we do things slowly, why do North American rush so much and speak so fast?"

The Malian professor made a good point, according to him, it sounds that it's a tribal religious war that might never end in our lifetime?

Does it mean Canadian 'peacekeeper' should not be there helping out, and what side gets all the help?




Good luck, don't forget all the free-Aid and free-stuff you give out as the Trudeau goverment suck you dry on tax-dollars!





You were the only one saying something about the issue on yahoo, I find this really odd, going into a warzone should concern everyone.

I guess censorship regulation kicked in, as the common forceful militarism? This should be debated too, beside the MALI mission!

Ella (Steellar)

From: Ella (Steellar)


Let's think.... stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Why Mali and not other African countries? There must be some hidden source benefit, somewhere at the end of line.


From: Seaguil


Trudeau telephoned  Merkel and Mark Rutte of the Netherlands to inform them of the decision. Both leaders had been urging Trudeau to participate in the Mali mission and he obey like a puppy, it's not his life at steak.

The deployment will help fulfill a pledge made last November in Vancouver to provide up to 600 troops and 150 police officers for UN peacekeeping operations over the next decade.

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From: fabul0us


MALI -- Two senior Canadian diplomats were also kidnapped and held hostage in northern Mali in 2009.

- Outbreaks of violence -

Islamic extremists linked to Al-Qaeda took control of Mali's desert north in early 2012, but were largely driven out in a French-led military operation launched in January 2013.

In June 2015, Mali's government signed a peace agreement with some armed groups, but the jihadists remain active, and large tracts of the country are lawless.

In recent months, jihadists have ramped up their activities in central Mali, targeting domestic and foreign forces in outbreaks of violence once confined to the country's north.

Four United Nations peacekeepers were killed and four wounded in late February when a mine exploded under their vehicle in central Mali.

In response, Mali, Chad, Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania formed the so-called G5 Sahel force to re-establish control in lawless frontier regions in the Sahel, south of the Sahara, where terror groups have been able to flourish. Its numbers are expected to swell to 5,000 in the coming months.




This is the secret weapon to get rid of unwanted African refugees, enlist them and send them back?