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Surviving in modern times

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My immediate family has a plan of a survivalist camp. More than outdoor survivalist things, but planning to survive modern potential catastrophes. Not finding one on-line like it I attempt here to describe our objectives.

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My super glue dries up just sitting around.

Started Feb-6 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 60 views.
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Store it in the freezer before you open it. Once opened it still won't last long.

Yes, the shelf life of super glues (cyanoacrylate glues) is about a year, unopened. Once opened, about a month. Moisture causes the glue to cure, even moisture in the air.

Only buy prime stuff. "Dollar store" distributors have probably already had the stuff setting on the shelf for a year and it is probably all dried up. Check the expiration date.

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Gorilla glue. I have to wonder if Gorilla Glue is also a cyanoacrylic. It doesn't say on the bottle but it is moisture activated also. Follow the instructions and warnings when using it.


GG is an expanding Polyurethane glue, not related to Cyanoacrylate.

I like to use a form of Urethane, NOT expanding, works super well and requires no clamping.  GG is super to use in woodworking AS LONG AS YOU CLAMP THE HECK out of your project and don't mind the mess.  GG works very well for glue and screw type joints or chair rungs, etc.

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Super! Thank you. What might I use to clean up the mess on GG? Acetone, maybe?

That stuff is resistant to damned near anything short of TNT.  One thing you can do is to use a masking tape or similar adjacent to the glue line and use that as a barrier or just stay with it for an hour or so, wiping up the ooze as it occurs, kind of a PIA but the joints are great.