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Dawn/Sunrise, Sunset and Unusual Clouds   Sky

Started Mar-1 by Shakaki (foghat812); 153 views.

hi i just found this site.  looks different than other rooms but i like it. 

i have some good sequences of dawn/sunrise and some sunsets in and around the lake in the Ozark Mts.  But i did not see a Start Page so i don't know if i need to get permission to post.  But I would like to share.  If it is allowed, i was also wondering how to get them to post larger.  i have posted in other forums and i always notice how they only take up a small amount of space on the left after they totally load ~is there a way to get them to show up larger?  ~Thank you for all you do here.  GREAT FORUM KUDOS!!!!!

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Well no sooner i made this post, i found a Welcome Page url? on right side of screen.  Going there now :)


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You're welcome to post at any time.