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From: RoxieVoxNov-15 2:12 AM 
To: All  (1 of 7) 

WANTED!! I saw this little guy roaming the Delphi hallways after my late-night stream tonight.  Clearly startled, he froze in place and I managed to whip out my phone and get a pic!  He's not very scary but does have a mischievous glint in his eyes and I suspect he's the troll that has been wreaking havoc in all the chatrooms.  Unfortunately, he was very quick and managed to run off before I had a chance to catch him.  Be on the lookout!  RoxieVox

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From: tennpickerNov-15 6:57 AM 
To: RoxieVox  (2 of 7) 
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From: crowmuttNov-15 3:55 PM 
To: RoxieVox  (3 of 7) 
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LOL!!  you know, i think i saw him the other day,

and he was accompanied by a little blue guy!!

anyone seen them?? we should put up a 

wanted poster, nods!!



From: _Archangel61 (Archangel61) DelphiPlus Member IconNov-15 4:37 PM 
To: RoxieVox  (4 of 7) 
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hey thats smurf lol


From: FancyBootsNov-15 9:58 PM 
To: RoxieVox  (5 of 7) 
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Haha....good picture!  They are so ugly they are cute.



From: _Archangel61 (Archangel61) DelphiPlus Member IconNov-18 10:25 AM 
To: FancyBoots  (6 of 7) 
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looks like my first mother-in-law


From: FancyBootsNov-18 9:15 PM 
To: _Archangel61 (Archangel61) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 7) 
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Ohhh no, say it ain't


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