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From: Chottomotto112/27/17 6:45 PM 
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Hi All! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Now it is time to get back to playing the Mystery Item Game!

The item cannot be hidden by two hands! If you look out into my backyard you can see it and might be able to tell what it is! Come on and play!!!


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From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon12/28/17 3:46 AM 
To: Chottomotto1  (2 of 53) 
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Fun idea, Chotto; but, kind of wondering how we are supposed to know what (in your back yard) is The Item? Like is it next to a particular tree? Or, maybe it's marked with a ribbon?


From: Chottomotto112/28/17 1:04 PM 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 53) 
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Thanks Sifan. The Mystery Item is sitting on a table outside on the patio, nothing else is on the table. Normally, the item is inside; but, it can be outside on the patio.

I will turn on the Lights so you can see it better.  

Good luck!

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From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon12/28/17 8:32 PM 
To: Chottomotto1  (4 of 53) 
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Neat, Chatto; thanks!

The item is a tallish four-sided pyramid made from panes of glass in a gold-colored metal frame; it's about a foot tall. Inside is a powder-blue flower.


From: Chottomotto112/28/17 10:23 PM 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 53) 
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That sounds like a pretty nic nac. You have two hits.  I have our Christmas lights shining on it,  so give it another close look. 


From: Lielqa12/29/17 12:35 AM 
To: Chottomotto1  (6 of 53) 
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Hi Chotto! The item looks like a basket, but it's made of ceramic.


From: Chottomotto112/29/17 12:17 PM 
To: Lielqa  (7 of 53) 
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Hi Lielqa, 

The MI is not made of ceramic or a basket.  But something you are seeing on the MI could make you think that,  you got a good hit. 

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From: Lielqa12/30/17 12:14 AM 
To: Chottomotto1  (8 of 53) 
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The item is a tote bag that has been to the beach a few times.



From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon12/30/17 6:40 AM 
To: Chottomotto1  (9 of 53) 
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The item has a handle, like a basket; but, it's mostly made of metal and glass. It's a red kerosene lantern.

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From: Chottomotto112/30/17 10:43 AM 
To: Lielqa unread  (10 of 53) 
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Hi Li,

Sorry no, not a beach bag,  or any kind of bag.  But this MI has gone to the beach.


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