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From: Chottomotto1Jan-21 6:46 PM 
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It's Girl Scout Cookie time! Booths are popping up. I can't stop without buying a box or two of my favorites, Thin Mints!

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I was a Girl Scout and loved this time of year.

I remember selling door to door.

A box was a lot cheaper back then.

This time of year brings back many fond memories.

Click box to view current cookie offerings.

Do y'all have a Favorite Girl Scout cookie?
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From: Wibby (Wibby1951)Jan-21 8:38 PM 
To: Chottomotto1  (2 of 17) 
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Hi Chotto! Yep my girls were not girls scouts. But when the GS did come by I bought maybe 3 boxes in the 1980's. I liked the mints the best. Today a neighboor girl sells them I ordered 3 boxes of the short bread ones. Today they get your order then bring you the cookies then you pay. What I really remember as far as selling goodies door to door was the World's Finest Chocolate in the late 1960's early 70's the best! My Mom would buy a couple of boxes! We had to sell them for our Catholic school. 50 cents a bar. A box held 8 bars! We would get a square of chocolate in our lunch kit! By the 80's the bars got much smaller and thinner and cost twice as much! Fun times!  smileWib


From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member IconJan-22 3:07 AM 
To: Chottomotto1  (3 of 17) 
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 Usually, I've gone for the mints. Now, it looks like Lemon-Ups, Peanut Butter Patties, and the chocolate-covered S'mores are worth a try before declaring a favorite for 2020!


From: Gaelspirit DelphiPlus Member IconJan-22 12:30 PM 
To: Chottomotto1  (4 of 17) 
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Thin mints!!!!




From: MsLainy (ms_lainy) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-22 1:38 PM 
To: Wibby (Wibby1951)  (5 of 17) 
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Mine used to be thin mints, but I gave them up for price increases and I don't need all that sugar in my diet.

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From: Wibby (Wibby1951)Jan-22 6:58 PM 
To: MsLainy (ms_lainy) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 17) 
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Hi Ms Lainy! Been awhile. Another thing about today GS cookies they are smaller! True the chocholate mint seems to be most folks fav! Wibsmile


From: LielqaJan-22 11:19 PM 
To: Wibby (Wibby1951)  (7 of 17) 
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The coconut chocolate ones are great!



From: Wibby (Wibby1951)Jan-23 12:05 AM 
To: Lielqa  (8 of 17) 
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Hi Li! All this GS cookie talk that Chotto started makes me want to order some cookies! Haven't seen any girlscouts! Coconut Chocolate 1 box please! 

HaHa! Wibsmile


From: LielqaJan-23 12:10 AM 
To: Wibby (Wibby1951)  (9 of 17) 
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I'll have to wait until Valentine's : )


From: Chottomotto1Jan-23 12:34 AM 
To: Lielqa  (10 of 17) 
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I didn't realize they had such a variety. I usually just get the mints. I have tried Samosa.?. The chocolate and coconut, oh my!
But y'all are right not good to have too much sugar in our diets. That is probably why they only sake them for one month every year. When you can't get them you Really want them! Haha!
Another favorite treat of mine is Peppermint Blue Bell icecream, which is seasonal too.
I remember those be World's Finest Chocolate Candy bar! Dam! Those were good.
I hope we can sleep after the Sugar high we were just on!

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