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Genesis 12, Abraham

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Roughly 2,300 B.C.

This is one of the earliest events in the bible we can put a date on. If we take all those "so-and-so was born ... and begat such-and-such" and work backwards from the time of Abraham we can get a date for the creation of Adam, the flood, Babel and all these stories.

God tells Abraham to leave Haran and sets out for Canaan and eventually Egypt.  Out of Egypt and back to Canaan. The Hebrews settle around Canaan until they are captured by the Egyptians.

Famine drives Abraham into Egypt where he cons, wheels and deals, regaining wealth. He misleads the Pharaoh about his wife being his sister.

The Bible does not name the Pharaoh but this would be maybe late 6th Dynasty Egypt. Before the First Intermediate Period.