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Support, help and general usage tips for Mozilla's email client Thunderbird.

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The Email Mafia
A Mozilla Thunderbird Information and Support Forum


Welcome to The Email Mafia's forum. A place for all Thunderbird users from newbies to experts and everyone in-between. We provide support and assistance along with development, release and general Thunderbird news. New to Thunderbird take a look at: What is Thunderbird?

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  • Provide support and assistance for issues related to general Thunderbird usage, features and/or add-ons.
  • Provide news and information on current and upcoming release and developmental Thunderbird builds.
  • Expose Thunderbird users to the wide array of extensions, plug-ins and themes available for Thunderbird.


  • Be respectful
  • Follow Delphi Forums Terms of Service, and Copyright laws. When posting articles or news items, post a short quote with a link to the source. Even though Thunderbird and Mozilla are open source, the articles on the Mozilla site are copyright protected, so they are subject to the same copyright rules.
  • IMPORTANT: The forum host and/or staff reserve the right to restrict and/or moderate forum members and their posts for any reason.


  • El Guru is an independent beta-tester and is not affiliated with Thunderbird and/or Mozilla. Tips, tricks, suggestions, etc. should be attempted at your own risk!
  • Consider backing-up your profile or creating new profile before doing any testing or experimenting.
  • This site claims no affiliation with Mozilla or The Mozilla Foundation but we proudly support it.
  • This forum is operated by users of Thunderbird who have no connection to Thunderbird or Mozilla. It is not endorsed by Thunderbird or Mozilla.
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