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From: Justin (SkekTek)5/25/10 12:10 AM 
To: Smig (SMIGLIANO)  (67 of 123) 
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Thanks for the writeup, Chris.

<<for the record, we both had a good time.>>

Well put. I'm minded of Rowlf's introduction to You and I and George: "I bought one and George bought one. Where were YOU?" Martha gets a pass, and a get-well card; everyone else who said they were coming gets a boo, and a glimpse of what they missed out on.

<<At one point Goelz does a vocal history of Gonzo's voice.>>

This was my favorite part of the audio tour. It's about a third of the way into this file:

<<they'd just found some NEW old stuff recently>>

In particular, the first clip she shared was an extended scene from Sam & Friends that apparently had just been discovered and restored, so this was the first time it was publicly seen in fifty years. Harry the Hipster demonstrates to a skeptical Kermit his new business for selling weather, and gives him a tour of the warehouse. It was pretty great.

<<The lady with the puppets was still talking to Karen, apparently interested in DONATING the puppets for exhibiting purposes at one point>>

Yeah, I kind of had the impression that she came wanting to get information about them (like, are they worth anything?), and Karen (understandably) took the opportunity to try to convince her to donate them (if not to her, then to the Smithsonian Museum of American History). They were made of rubber and I think a bit smaller-scale than the actual puppets; the woman had been under the impression that the commercials had been made with puppets like hers, and was surprised to see that the ones in the exhibit were fuzzy.

It's good stuff. I'm planning on going back for Jane Henson. Note that there's a puppetry performance earlier that same day, that's free if you reserve tickets in advance:

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From: Martha (MarthaMuppet)5/25/10 12:16 AM 
To: Justin (SkekTek)  (68 of 123) 
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Justin, I'm planning on attending when Jane Henson is there. Perhaps I'll call to reserve a seat for the puppet show, as well!

From: Martha (MarthaMuppet)5/25/10 11:14 AM 
To: Justin (SkekTek)  (69 of 123) 
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Just reserved my ticket for the puppetry performance!

From: Scott (scarecroe) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host5/25/10 12:17 PM 
To: Justin (SkekTek)  (70 of 123) 
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Thanks for the Sam and Friends description. Was there a title?

From: Martha (MarthaMuppet)5/25/10 12:21 PM 
To: Scott (scarecroe) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (71 of 123) 
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I'm wondering if they'll show it again when Jane Henson is there in June.

From: Cathy (anymuppet)5/25/10 12:43 PM 
To: Martha (MarthaMuppet)  (72 of 123) 
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Hmmm, June you say?

From: Cathy (anymuppet)5/25/10 1:19 PM 
To: Martha (MarthaMuppet)  (73 of 123) 
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From: Carolyn (CWIESNER)5/25/10 1:21 PM 
To: Cathy (anymuppet)  (74 of 123) 
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For some reason I was expecting this:

From: Cathy (anymuppet)5/25/10 1:22 PM 
To: Carolyn (CWIESNER)  (75 of 123) 
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That too!

From: Justin (SkekTek)5/25/10 8:15 PM 
To: Scott (scarecroe) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (76 of 123) 
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I don't remember a title if there was one.

I could report additional fragmentary details if that would be of some kind of Wiki-type archival value, but the main effect would be to ruin the clip for anyone who later got to see it.


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