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From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host9/18/17 11:11 AM 
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Our Muppet Show reviews are back!  And we're starting with a great one, the George Burns episode!  (Which, unfortunately, also stars Fleet Scribbler.)

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From: -Ryan R- (PrawnRR) Posted by host9/18/17 11:49 AM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (235 of 521) 
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Wow, season two already.  This is a good one.

I'm pretty sure I read Jerry Juhl's comments about Fleet Scribbler from Of Muppets and Men before I ever saw the episode.  He talked about Scribbler appearing at a Muppet Show press event, and how all the reporters there loved him and wrote about the new Muppet character... but then the Muppet Show writers didn't really feel inspired to keep writing for him past this episode, so they barely ever used him again.  It's probably just as well.

Gonzo's "didn't wanna do it" is very, very funny.


From: Shane (Oscarfan1)9/18/17 12:01 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (236 of 521) 
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This episode's "Vet's Hospital" is probably my favorite in the entire series.


From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host9/18/17 12:26 PM 
To: Shane (Oscarfan1)  (237 of 521) 
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Yeah, it was great.  (For those of you not willing to check the Wiki, it was the one where they're operating on a telephone.)  I didn't find a place for it in the review, but I love it.


From: Erik (TErikBrowne)9/18/17 2:20 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (238 of 521) 
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It's "Gonzo fiddles while George Burns". Not "with".

The bit with Burns and Gonzo is great. "Walter Mathau!" "That's her."


From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host9/18/17 2:21 PM 
To: Erik (TErikBrowne)  (239 of 521) 
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Oops!  Just a typo.


From: *Jes* (queserasera0)9/18/17 3:20 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (240 of 521) 
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A hilarious typo.


From: Tom (ChillyDown)9/18/17 9:53 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (241 of 521) 
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Hooray! Great first review for the new season. It's honestly the only fall premiere I've been looking forward to!

Do you think Piggy was rehearsing the Pigs in Space sketch for a show a few weeks in the future *while* another show was going on? I don't know if that's great dedication or just needlessly distracting.


From: John (jobi71)9/20/17 10:38 AM 
To: Tom (ChillyDown)  (242 of 521) 
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Piggy was in the midst of a wardrobe fitting for Hilda who was forced in the basement.


From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host9/22/17 11:20 AM 
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Inevitably, our Muppet Show reviews would bring us to what might be the worst episode in the series.  Anthony and his wife Roz teamed up to face the painful Rich Little episode together.


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