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From: Bryant (BryantR)9/10/17 2:05 AM 
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I have literally no idea where else to put this, but Steve put up a new blog post.

He talks about his relationship with the Henson family, the real reason behind his departure as Ernie, and how the show had changed over the past decade and a half.

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From: Joe N-G (JoeNG)9/10/17 2:23 AM 
To: Bryant (BryantR)  (764 of 787) 
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Well shit. Let's add Sesame to the drama pile too.

I feel like a jerk saying this, given that Steve obviously enjoyed his work with Sesame Street and had a big personal connection to it...but Ernie is in much better hands now. The debates about Kermit can go on for days and days (and they have), but everyone seems to be in agreement that what Peter has done with Ernie is really special. I feel like there's a part of this new story we aren't getting, but for now, I feel mixed emotions about it.


From: Dan!, Esq. (SMOOTHEE)9/11/17 11:32 AM 
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Sesame Street feels less like drama and more or less practicality of the company's financial situation and the logistical needs of the show.  Like we've said elsewhere, it seems like Steve's Atlanta home location was an inconvenience for all involved.  It makes total sense for the Workshop to recast with performers who are there day after day, and regionally based, rather than scheduling around one guy.  Even with the Billy recast, Ernie started showing up more.  Moving to Peter solidified that even further, as well connected Ernie to performer with more long term exposure and experience with the other performers in the cast.  I was pro-recast with Ernie for a good long while, as seeing Bert showing up solo all of the time was a bit of a bummer. 


From: Joe N-G (JoeNG)9/11/17 1:16 PM 
To: Dan!, Esq. (SMOOTHEE)  (766 of 787) 
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Makes sense to me, meaning Steve was playing the victim angle yet again. Some things never change...

Either of them solo is a bummer. The early '00s episodes that were all Ernie and no Bert (I'm guessing they were still trying to break in Eric) were just as sad. Now they're both in consistently-available, talented hands (with terrific chemistry to boot!)


From: Dan!, Esq. (SMOOTHEE)9/11/17 1:50 PM 
To: Joe N-G (JoeNG)  (767 of 787) 
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I don't really see Steve playing the victim, so much as addressing the rumors from his perspective.  I've resigned myself to the idea that the reality of it is still probably somewhere between. 


At this point, I'm well over my surprise of the recasts and just glad to have the characters and so much positivity returning.


From: Joe N-G (JoeNG)9/11/17 1:56 PM 
To: Dan!, Esq. (SMOOTHEE)  (768 of 787) 
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I've actually started thinking about who'd really make a good back-up for certain characters, fantasy football-style (the answer is usually Matt or Peter).


From: Dan!, Esq. (SMOOTHEE)9/11/17 2:05 PM 
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Without fully knowing what characters Peter has done on Sesame as far as background guys, at least in terms of the Muppets, I feel like we are seeing an underutilized performer finally getting his moment. His range is incredible and he is a really gifted mimic. All of his characters sound very close to the originals.  


From: Joe N-G (JoeNG)9/11/17 3:18 PM 
To: Dan!, Esq. (SMOOTHEE)  (770 of 787) 
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He's probably been the best Jim mimic since at least Bill.


From: Melissa Scopelitis (MelissaScope)9/18/17 1:35 PM 
To: Dan!, Esq. (SMOOTHEE)  (771 of 787) 
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Dan, I agree with you. Without saying too much more on it, because I know it's a tough topic for fans, and everyone has a lot of opinions on what really happened.  I will say I think it stems along the old saying of There's two sides to every story and the truth. And we may never know what happened in reality and as fans we shouldn't have to, honestly. Again, I'll always be team Steve for personal reasons, but I wish Matt the best with  Kermit, and I'm sure eventually I'll be on board (it took me a long time to adjust to Steve as Kermit), and I'm happy to hear everyone had a great time at the Hollywood Bowl show, and that it seemed like a good step going forward for everyone involved.


From: Cory (IcyPatch)9/19/17 1:51 AM 
To: Melissa Scopelitis (MelissaScope)  (772 of 787) 
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That's exactly my thought. I absolutely am still in love with the show stealing magic Steve created in the 80s with Bean Bunny, Rizzo, Wembley, as well as his Kermit in the 90s/2000s/2010s and all his characters and clout on Muppet Television segments on the Jim Henson Hour(my fave Muppet tv show to date) Thinking back, the early to mid 90s were a dark time already so I left watching Muppets post Jim Henson until Muppets Tonight started airing in 96'. But I immediately loved what Steve brought to Kermit and other characters.

Which is why I still feel raw from the news of Steve's firing, which in itself for whatever reason was kept secret for so long. I was never in the "Kermit and the gang should have died with JH", and while Steves Kermit never sounded anything like Jims Kermit to me, I immediately loved his Kermit. Of course his manic high voiced energy crazed characters of Rizzo, Bean and Wembley are so signature Steve, that I honestly cant see them ever being replaced.

I realize my July thoughts on the Steve situation seemed a bit extreme compared to the rest of Muppet online fandom, but it just felt like it came out of nowhere. And yet...and yet despite how not right it feels for Steve to be ostracized and kicked out of Disney Muppets/Sesame/JHC due to inter-office politics, I have to be excited for the new Kermit. Even Steve has given his blessing to Matt as a fellow puppeteer brother, even if he hasnt given his blessing on Matt haven taken over his signature role. BUT...I cant help but feel beyond giddy goosebump excited to hear Jim Henson's Kermit coming thru in some of those Hollywood Bowl clips. As if, were bending and folding time back to 1990 and bringing early 1990 Kermit into 2017.

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