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From: Shane (Oscarfan1)9/27/17 5:33 PM 
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Here's another one, featuring our favorite bird, two-headed being and Kristen Bell husband:

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From: John (jobi71)9/30/17 5:13 PM 
To: Joe N-G (JoeNG)  (46 of 49) 
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I am not sure if you are advocating to cut Mr. Johnson or not.  When I first read it I though - yes he is.  Then I read it two more times and the tone seemed different and I thought no he isn't. And then...long story short (too late) I think Mr. Johnson is an important supporting character to have around as he can play the straight man to every character on the show.  He can be frustrated by Grover (clearly), The Count, Herry, Ernie, Alan etc etc.  I am not interested in them expanding his role and I am fine if a season or two goes by without seeing him, but he is comedy gold when used well.  I associate him with character actor Gale Gordon who appeared (sometimes minor/sometimes major) in roles in the various Lucille Ball shows.  Always flustered by Lucy's antics.  No one on Sesame Street does flustered better than Mr. Johnson.


From: Joe N-G (JoeNG)9/30/17 5:27 PM 
To: John (jobi71)  (47 of 49) 
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...did I even mention Mr. Johnson?


From: John (jobi71)9/30/17 5:59 PM 
To: Joe N-G (JoeNG)  (48 of 49) 
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 It's pretty annoying. Telly is one of my all time favorite characters (although, I didn't appreciate him when I was little), but he and so many other characters are being underutilized. I know we have the main six thing to help confuse kids less, but they still have supposed minor characters like The Two-Headed Monster, Slimey, and Mrs. Trustworthyappear in more episodes than major characters like Prairie Dawn, The Count, Snuffy, and Ernie and Bert. They don't know what to do with the characters they already have, yet they're bringing in two new characters, and re-adding Herry and Grundgetta to the cast. I say, they either compartmentalize the show like they used to by making more Muppet sketches, so some characters appear more in inserts, while others appear more in street scenes. Either that or they get rid of the minor characters like Mr. Johnson and Ovejita altogether. And, either way, like Shane has said in the past, they should cut back on the one-shot Muppets like talking beach balls, and fairytale creatures.

As I said I read it a few times and thought you were advocating they remove him, and then at other times advocating they keep him versus new supporting characters or maybe chastising them for removing him and then I just wanted to give Mr. Johnson some props.  He is still waiting for his dinner to arrive at the restaurant after all.  No besmirching of your character meant, and  I very much may have misread.  Confession: Mr. Johnson is my facebook profile picture.  PS: I am not Mr. Johnson.


From: Joe N-G (JoeNG)9/30/17 6:05 PM 
To: John (jobi71)  (49 of 49) 
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Ah ah ah. Yeah I honestly don't care. Use whoever however they will.


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