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From: WikiaFrog9/5/17 6:21 PM 
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Clever title

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From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host9/6/17 10:31 AM 
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Today, Matthew takes a look at the last time the Muppets put on a big, live stage production in 2001's The Muppet Show Live:


From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host9/7/17 11:12 AM 
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And another review from Matthew: This time, he's looking at the two weird live Muppet shows from Walt Disney World in the early '90s.


From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host9/8/17 11:29 AM 
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For our last article of the week, I wrote a bit of commentary about why The Muppets Take the Bowl isn't just a fun little distraction, but exactly the sort of show the Muppets should be doing right now, and exactly what Muppet fans deserve.


From: *Jes* (queserasera0)9/8/17 12:06 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (9 of 25) 
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I also regret not being able to go in 2001.  Emileigh was only two years old and I was pretty strapped for cash at the time but man, oh man, I've always been jealous of the fun times my Muppet pals had at that event!

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From: Shane (Oscarfan1)9/8/17 12:56 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (10 of 25) 
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I have never heard of "FOMO" until reading this.


From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host9/8/17 1:10 PM 
To: Shane (Oscarfan1)  (11 of 25) 
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It's a thing!


From: Melissa Scopelitis (MelissaScope)9/8/17 1:14 PM 
To: *Jes* (queserasera0)  (12 of 25) 
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I missed Muppet Fest as well. I had just started  a summer temp job in NYC that Fall (flash forward I'm at this job 16 years later), it was not long after 9/11 and I was afraid to get on a plane, etc. I regret not going either. BUT I was there for the Carnegie Hall show, so in my mind that made up for it (not to mention countless other Henson events we've had in NY over the years. My husband always teases me asking "Who haven't you met yet from the Muppets or who worked with Jim at this point? Between being a former intern and attending fan events over the years, he's kind of right. lol


From: Jamie B (rugbytiger)9/8/17 1:35 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (13 of 25) 
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"The fans want more than Twitter feeds and Funko Pops"  - Love this line and is couldn't be more correct!! T'was a fantastic call to action article ahead of big event, and I too hope the that right people from Disney are in attendance this weekend to witness the show themselves!



From: Deidre (deeluvsmupps)9/11/17 7:53 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (14 of 25) 
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Great article, did you attend the show? I didn't get whether you or anyone else from TP were going... I am excited to hear details and reviews. Would Disney put the show on DVD and market it? I'm guessing not... but I still think they should have aired it as a Live Concert on HBO or something. "Live from the Hollywood Bowl!" I can picture the DVD, but I suppose that doesn't make it a reality. :b


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