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From: Macy (magictoast15)9/16/17 10:33 PM 
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So this is a little self promotional, but it's something I think you guys would be interested in. As some of you may know, I run a Tumblr blog and Twitter page dedicated to Muppet music, both called Eight Muppety Notes (taken from the song "Eight Little Notes"). And today, I started an Eight Muppety Notes station on a really cool app called Anchor! Anchor allows you to create your own online radio station and listen other user generated stations. You can record your own voice as well as upload music and audio files, which is why I thought it would be the perfect place for Muppet music. And you can interact with other stations by calling in playing other people's messages when they call in to your station and by commenting. I've been using it for a couple months now, and it's a lot of fun! There are stations about everything from news to tech to Disney to Star Wars, but no Muppets yet, so I think it would be really cool to start building a Muppet fan presence on there. So feel free to listen and maybe even favorite or call in to request a song! Here is the link:

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From: Scott (scarecroe) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/17/17 6:58 PM 
To: Macy (magictoast15)  (2 of 11) 
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Sounds like fun!

I always thought it was funny that Rowlf says cantatas twice when I'm guessing the second one should have been sonatas.


From: Justin T. (jwtonglet)9/18/17 9:57 AM 
To: Macy (magictoast15)  (3 of 11) 
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I'm glad to know about this.  I listen to a few different online radio stations in my classroom when I'm without students, so this will be cool to have.


From: Macy (magictoast15)9/19/17 3:24 PM 
To: Scott (scarecroe) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 11) 
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Me too. It threw me off a little bit when I posted it the other day, because I'm used to listening to the Ol' Brown Ears Is Back version where he sings "sonatas" the first time.


From: Macy (magictoast15)9/19/17 3:28 PM 
To: Justin T. (jwtonglet)  (5 of 11) 
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Happy to be of service!


From: -Ryan R- (PrawnRR) Posted by host9/20/17 11:06 AM 
To: Macy (magictoast15)  (6 of 11) 
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Ah, thanks for chiming in with that.  I'm most familiar with the Brown Ears version, so I was confused by Scott's comment, but I figured I've just been subconsciously correcting it all these years.


From: Tom (ChillyDown)9/23/17 4:05 PM 
To: Macy (magictoast15)  (7 of 11) 
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Sounds awesome! I'll check that out. 

Were there a lot of restrictions on the type of station you could create? I tried doing Live365 for a while, but it was frustrating because free accounts had a very limited amount of songs they could upload, and you couldn't upload more than 3 songs by the same artist, and lots of other restrictions that made it not fun.

The last time I checked, the whole site had gone under for 2 years, and I hadn't even noticed.

Is Anchor more easy to use than that?


From: Beth C (ZoriFraggle)9/26/17 8:25 PM 
To: Macy (magictoast15)  (8 of 11) 
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Very cool, Macy! Glad to meet a fellow Muppet-music blogger :) (

How do you go about pulling the audio for the station? There are some Fraggle Rock songs I wish I had mp3s for but they aren't available commercially.


From: Macy (magictoast15)11/13/17 3:23 PM 
To: Tom (ChillyDown)  (9 of 11) 
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I totally forgot about this thread. Sorry guys!

Anchor doesn’t really have any restrictions to what and when you can post (at least not that I know of). You can either record yourself on the app, post audio files from your desktop, post audio from YouTube and SoundCloud, or post songs from Apple Music and Spotify, and they stay up for 24 hours. It is kind of a pain to find time to post and record, but other than that it’s pretty easy.

Sadly the Eight Muppets Notes station and tumblr blog have both been dead for the last month or so, because I got really busy with school and work, and then I went to Germany for ten days, and now I’m back to being busy with school and work. But they’re definitely coming back soon, especially since it’s almost time for Christmas music!


From: Macy (magictoast15)11/13/17 3:29 PM 
To: Beth C (ZoriFraggle)  (10 of 11) 
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With the desktop version of Anchor you can upload YouTube videos and it’ll rip the audio for you and post it, so that’s what I usually do for stuff that’s not on Apple Music or Spotify or that I don’t have an mp3 of. I usually just post the YouTube videos on the Tumblr blog too, because I like to appreciate the puppetry and visuals as well.


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