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From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host10/4/17 11:51 AM 
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NYCC is this weekend, and while there isn't a ton of Muppet stuff to look forward to, we still have a few events, guests, and merch to keep an eye out for.

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From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host10/10/17 11:33 AM 
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A bunch of us went to New York Comic Con and all we got was this lousy writeup.

Seriously tho, we did find some cool stuff.  But also some not-so-cool stuff. 


From: Scott (scarecroe) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/10/17 1:09 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (3 of 9) 
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That's a pretty great Aughra.


From: Erik (TErikBrowne)10/10/17 3:10 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (4 of 9) 
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Pssst! It's Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs.


From: Erik (TErikBrowne)10/10/17 3:10 PM 
To: Scott (scarecroe) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 9) 
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Scott (scarecroe) said...

That's a pretty great Aughra.



From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host10/10/17 3:47 PM 
To: Erik (TErikBrowne)  (6 of 9) 
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Thankya - fixed!!


From: max_stein10/10/17 5:15 PM 
To: Joe (JParanoid)  (7 of 9) 
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Travel(l?)ing Matt cosplay!!! Love it!


From: Matthew (matt88mph)10/21/17 3:14 PM 
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So, after putting it off, I finally started consolidating my stuff from this year's NYCC to put away, and found my postcard from "Uncle Traveling Matt." I recall people asking what the postcards said, so here goes:

"Dear Nephew Gobo,

During my travels to Outer Space, I have never seen a place like New York Comic Con. Apparently, this is where all the strangest Silly Creatures go to stand in lines and share odors. Still, it seems like a bad idea to keep all the superheroes in one place.

Silly Creatures - You never know what they'll do next.

Uncle Traveling Matt

for more Muppet fun, visit!"

(But I bet you all already know about that last part.)


From: Joe (JParanoid) Posted by host10/21/17 9:40 PM 
To: Matthew (matt88mph)  (9 of 9) 
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Ah, thanks for that, Matt.  I kept forgetting to share that on the forum.


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