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From: Beth C (ZoriFraggle)9/9/17 4:36 PM 
To: Joe N-G (JoeNG)  (11142 of 11197) 
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Huh, cool! Now I'm inspired to go watch it

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From: Robyn (ispeoples)9/10/17 3:01 PM 
To: All  (11143 of 11197) 
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Just realized Bobby Moynihan is a voice on We Bare Bears, which is a show my kids watch all the time. It's pretty enjoyable, but clearly I haven't looked very closely at the credits.


From: Joe N-G (JoeNG)9/10/17 3:04 PM 
To: Robyn (ispeoples)  (11144 of 11197) 
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He's also on the new DuckTales! Guy's good at picking projects.


From: Robyn (ispeoples)9/10/17 3:07 PM 
To: Joe N-G (JoeNG)  (11145 of 11197) 
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I did not know that either. Good for him!


From: Joe N-G (JoeNG)9/24/17 8:58 PM 
To: All  (11146 of 11197) 
 9511.11146 in reply to 9511.11145 

Looking back at Danny's MuppetFest articles, it's hard for a newbie like me to imagine an era where people actually acted like Muppets. I mean, my icon is Cookie, but me no talk like him all the time.


From: -Ryan R- (PrawnRR) Posted by host9/24/17 11:15 PM 
To: Joe N-G (JoeNG)  (11147 of 11197) 
 9511.11147 in reply to 9511.11146 

I think that faded pretty quickly in the Tough Pigs era.  Also, it was probably mostly young people who did it in the first place, and eventually they grew up.

Related: There's a commenter on the AV Club who goes by Cookie Monster, and usually uses Cookie's syntax, and he generally has insightful things to say about pop culture.  Which is the only time I've ever seen a novelty account with substance.


From: -Ryan R- (PrawnRR) Posted by host10/5/17 9:53 AM 
To: All  (11148 of 11197) 
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I'm never sure if I understand what people mean when they use the word "toxic" to describe something like a "toxic relationship" or "toxic culture."

But I am sure "Toxic" is one of my two favorite Britney Spears songs.


From: *Jes* (queserasera0)10/5/17 9:55 AM 
To: -Ryan R- (PrawnRR)  (11149 of 11197) 
 9511.11149 in reply to 9511.11148 

What's the other one??


From: Anthony (AnthonyF3)10/5/17 10:25 AM 
To: -Ryan R- (PrawnRR)  (11150 of 11197) 
 9511.11150 in reply to 9511.11148 

Unhealthy. Harmful. Poisonous to their emotional well-being.


From: Joe N-G (JoeNG)10/5/17 11:29 AM 
To: *Jes* (queserasera0)  (11151 of 11197) 
 9511.11151 in reply to 9511.11149 

Anything other than "Sometimes" is the wrong answer.


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