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From: Erik (TErikBrowne)9/25/17 3:40 PM 
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Anyone catch Star Trek: Discovery?

I only watched the first episode because I'm not interested in paying CBS 6 bucks every month.

First I'm going to complain about the uniforms. This takes place 2 years after "The Cage" and 9 years before "Where No Man Has Gone Before", and I really don't see why Starfleet uniforms would swing from one extreme to another and back in a decade. (Unless the reason they switch back is because they realize how stupid the uniforms look.) They should have gone with something much more like the classic uniforms (as Abrams did in the new movies). Plus, if everyone is wearing blue, how do you know who the redshirts are?!?

(No problem with the new-look Klingons, we know they were in some kind of flux during this period, though it would be nice if they explain it at some point.)

The Klingon scenes dragged a bit. We've got a whole bridge full of people on the Shenzhou and we only meet three of them (there's a robot in the crew? and who is Lobot-guy?).

And the main character does something that if she did it on Piccard's bridge, she would not be getting her own TV series.

All told, if you put a gun to my head and said I had to watch either ST:D or The Orville, I'd probably go with the Orville.

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From: Scott (scarecroe) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/25/17 5:13 PM 
To: Erik (TErikBrowne)  (1395 of 1395) 
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I watched the first two episodes on CBS All Access. The service, predictably, is terrible. Kept lagging and the close captions were messed up.

Judging from the "this season on STD" promo, the 2-parter appears to have been a prologue. I didn't love it, but I want to give it a chance. But not week to week and not for $10 a month for a service that doesn't work well.

So, I plan on waiting until the season is done, when the bugs are worked out, and binging the last 13 episodes then.


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