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This is rare footage of a Shinkansen train car being moved by truck & trailer 45 kilometers from the factory where it's put together to the closest track it runs on. It only takes 2 hours to move the 45 kilometers, but then you have the loading and unloading time as well.

Each train car is 27 meters long. The train itself has all the pantographs pulled off of it and the axels and wheels removed as well... otherwise the train wouldn't make it under numerous overhanging obstacles. The train car sits on two different trailer wheel bases (one at the front and one at the back). Each one of these wheel bases can turn/pivot independently of the other and are each remote controlled by different people outside and around the train cars to ensure they don't hit any obstacles.

When the truck is on flat road, it hauls it's load at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour, but as it goes around tight corners, it crawls to an unbelievable slow creeping speed.

They perform this travel over roads during midnight hours. They can only move two train cars per night (including loading and unloading times). And as a Shinkansen has 16 cars, so it takes them 8 days to move the entire train from factory to tracks.

This videoclip has a lot of Japanese in it, but just ignore that and enjoy the feat required to move this over regular roads.


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Wow, thank you, this is interesting!


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They have been moving the Shinkansen cars like that for more than 50 years.

Today's Shinkansen cars are also much longer than the original ones they debuted in 1964 just before the Olympics in Tokyo.

Edited to add: [The remote controllers they used on the original one were not wireless, but wired with a 15' cable to the actual trolley wheels.]


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Wow, interesting!


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