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The world's greenest cruise ship   Travel by Ship/Boat

Started 12/27/17 by Chocolate Pig Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 318 views.
Chocolate Pig Shorty (TOILETHEA1)

The world's greenest cruise ship will have sails

Cruise ships have a bad rap with environmentalists. One cruise operator is hoping to change that.

Peace Boat, a Japanese non-governmental organization which runs educational cruises, is working on an ambitious project to build the most sustainable vessel in the booming industry.

Now in the last stages of planning, the "Ecoship" will be built by Finland's Arctech. It will cost about $500 million, financed in part by impact investors -- funds, rich families and individualswho want to use their cash to improve the world as well as make a profit.

"Ecoship was a dream for me," said Peace Boat founder Yoshioka Tatsuya. "Using a conventional ship was frustrating for us, even though we tried our best to reduce the emissions."

A conventional cruise ship can burn hundreds of tons of heavy fuel oil a day and emit as much particulate matter as a million cars, according to German environmental group NABU.


From: Cstar1


$500 million for a ship... Does it seem like that kind of money could be much better spent elsewhere?

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Chocolate Pig Shorty (TOILETHEA1)

That seems rather low, I bet normal ships cost a lot more!  Either way,  I agree, it sure could be!




Of course this borders on a plaything for the Jane Fondas of the world, do as I say, etc.  Way outside the realm of real world cruises, statements of "LOOK AT ME, I AM SAVING THE WORLD ON THIS FUNNY LOOKING SHIP."

Reference, your citation:

Passengers on Peace Boat cruises pay between $15,000 and $18,000, which includes travel, meals and on board activities.

There's a mixture of entertainment, wellness programs, lectures and workshops on topics such as peace, politics, environmental change and human rights.

Call me old fashioned, but I'm going to go on a cruise, I want a regular ship, no politics,nothing, I'd want to get away from all issues and just focus on relaxing and taking care of me.   I'd put the world on hold.




For $15,000 or more, that's a damned sure proposition that I would want a minimum of a month long extravaganza.   Not some My Fair Lady promenading with high tea at 4 for Eco-Fashion shows of no harm in production displays and more.

This is the idea of a vacation, just leave the world behind