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This was not a fun cruise   Travel by Ship/Boat

Started 1/7/18 by Chocolate Pig Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 285 views.

Cruise ship gets caught in middle of winter storm

Thousands pf passengers ended up in a cruise ship nightmare this week.

They were heading to New York from a Bahamas vacation when they sailed right into the fierce winter storm that battered the East Coast.

The Norwegian Breakaway cruise left the Bahamas Tuesday with about 4,000 people on board.

By Wednesday, passengers were facing hurricane force winds and huge waves rocking the ship.

Water was flooding in and pouring down a staircase. Even water from the pool was spilling out.


From: Cstar1


I've never been attracted to the idea of a cruise, but this would definitely put me off.

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Yeah, as if the cruise operator had no clue about a winter storm, RIGHT.  This storm was well established for a week or more before it actually arrived, one of the great NO surprises in meteorology.

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With all the technology available, I fail to see  how this happened.  Everyone else knew the storm was coming




Another comment:  It is exceeding rare for a cruise to originate in the Bahamas, usually it is one leg of a Florida/Caribbean/NYC or similar cruise path like Miami/Bahamas/NYC or Miami/Caribbean Islands, Bahamas, NYC and the like.

On these junkets, time is HUGE in scheduling, much like the airlines, a missed or late arrival can affect schedules for quite a long time.  It is in the overall best interests of the cruise line to suffer the passenger's comfort for an on-time arrival.  This happens a LOT, we can find many stories of sea sick passengers on at least a day or three of a cruise due to inclement weather. 

Profit margins may be considerable over the course of a year but average profit is quite a thin thing so protection of that margin is important.

I can see where profits are slim with so many competitors out there... I wonder though, in the long run, won't this come back to haunt them at least in the short term?  If I were on that ship, I might decide not to use that line anymore or, some may not even cruise again...