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Stay in Vancouver..!!   Canada

Started 4/25/19 by Karglyn; 175 views.

From: Karglyn


My cousin had taken graduation in English from Vancouver a few years back. At the time of his admission, I visited Vancouver for the first time, and I planned to join the same campus for my graduation and masters. My cousin used to spend his experiences on the campus, and he was fully satisfied there. Now I'm going to join for computer science in the same campus. I'm flying to visit the campus next month to complete the admission process, and I will be spending a few weeks there. Can someone help to find the best accommodation options available there? Right now, I'm thinking of opting any hostel accommodation in Vancouver. Is there anyone from Vancouver who can help me out to find the best accommodation possible? I would be grateful for your thoughts on it.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Sorry - which university?