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The Best European Train Trips   Travel by Car/Bus/Trains

Started 11/16/19 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 207 views.

The Best European Train Trips

Jacobite Train, Scotland

"No Harry Potter fantasy is complete without a ride on the Hogwarts Express. The Jacobite Steam Train, the inspiration for the Hogwarts Express and one of our top ten things to see in Scotland even if you aren't a Potter fan, will take you on an 84-mile round-trip journey across the country. Grab a seat on the left-side of the train for the best views of the Glenfinnan viaduct, the bridge Harry travels over on his journey to Hogwarts. (Note: The train service is seasonal, so check their website before you plan.)" –Erin Gifford


Eurail, Italy to Switzerland

"Thanks to the Eurail pass now covering a new route linking the Swiss Alps to the Italian Riviera, which was quietly rolled out in April 2017, you can fill a single trip with snow-capped mountains, raclette, hearty Italian reds, and views of the Ligurian Sea. In short, the Eurail Pass allows travelers to jump on and off various trains throughout the continent with a single pass, using the network of various European railway companies—by purchasing either a first- or second-class Italy-Switzerland pass, you can essentially travel wherever you want throughout the two countries, as long as you fall within the designated time period. We suggest starting in Lucerne and ending in Genoa, but you can find even more details here." 

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From: Chauhansol


Great Post!  I am excited to read your post. I also remember those days when i visit UK first time. I was also travelling on train. Lovely trains and awesome journey of trains. I visit many places on train.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post and found it interesting and informative.  I had to remove the part about the travel service as we don't promote any travel companies or services.  Feel free to  tell us about any of your trips though.


From: Chauhansol


Great post!  I am very excited after read your post. We also enjoyed in train trips. I remember those days when i visit first time in UK on UK spouse visa. I really enjoyed in UK. Lovely train and awesome journey. I never forgot this journey when i was with my family. Thanks for sharing this.

I'm glad you enjoyed it  :)