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13 Beautiful Castles in Germany   Europe

Started Nov-18 by Muddle headed Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 90 views.

13 Beautiful Castles in Germany

More than 25,000 castles crown the hills of Germany, so it can be difficult to choose which ones to visit. If you're seeking the best in terms of history and opulence, drive the nearly 479-mile Burgenstraße (Castle Road), which features around 60 castles and palaces between the cities of Mannheim (52 miles south of Frankfurt) and Bayreuth (55 miles northeast of Nuremberg). Or, if you'd rather stay in one spot, explore the many castles found in Saxony or Baden-Württemberg, some of which can be visited with a single multisite pass. Below, we highlight some of Germany's most stunning castles open to the public – just be sure to check the hours before your trip, as many have limited schedules or close entirely in the winter.


Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau

Princess fantasies come to life at Neuschwanstein, a 19th-century castle in the Bavarian Alps that Disneyland Resort used as inspiration when designing Sleeping Beauty Castle. King Ludwig II commissioned a set designer to create his lavish retreat in the medieval style. 

Hohenschwangau Castle, Schwangau

If elegant Neuschwanstein is on your itinerary, save time for a visit to nearby Hohenschwangau, King Ludwig II's boyhood home. The original medieval ruins of this golden-hued castle were purchased and rebuilt by Crown Prince Maximilian in 1832 and became the royal summer palace when he ascended the throne. 
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