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How to Determine Whether It's Safe?   General Travel Discussion

Started Nov-30 by Muddle headed Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 134 views.

How to Determine Whether It's Safe to Travel Somewhere

In the past three years, I’ve visited Palestine, Cuba, and Mexico (five times), and I’m currently living in Medellín, Colombia. Each time I told friends and family I was headed off to visit these countries, I heard the same set of questions: Is that safe? Aren’t you scared? Didn’t (insert bad thing from recent New York Times headline here) just happen?

Most of us probably already know, at least logically, that we are far more likely to get injured crossing the street in our hometowns than we are to end up in international headlines as the tourist victim of some heinous crime or disaster. Yet that can be hard to remember when we’re planning trips, reading the news, and hearing the concern in loved ones’ voices. Pending where we intend to go, there are sometimes real risks to consider, from seasonal disasters like hurricanes to political upheaval and violent protests. But how do we know when the news is played up for the clickbait and when it’s a warning that should be heeded? That’s a hard question to answer. So I asked Phil Sylvester, director of communications for the adventure travel insurance company World Nomads, for some guidelines.

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From: 2pointdoe


We have been going to mexico for years. My dad used to winter there pulling his trailer down. Never had any issues.

We are off to Egypt in June.

That's good to hear!

Sounds good, enjoy!