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Hidden costs of cruising   Travel by Ship/Boat

Started 12/7/19 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 278 views.

10 hidden costs of cruising: How to prepare for — and fight — extra expenses

A voyage at sea is one of the best values around because all major expenses (lodging, meals, snacks, activities and entertainment) are included. However, there are some items — mostly of a personal or optional nature — that are out-of-pocket expenses. Those extra purchases can quickly run up your bill.

Cruise lines tempt travelers to come onboard with sometimes low upfront prices and then charge extra for everything from massages and fruity cocktails to onboard activities and meals outside the main dining room. "All-inclusive" is a term that really only applies to a handful of high-priced luxury cruises.

If you want the full cruise experience, you'll need to set aside some cash to cover these extra expenditures, or make a vacation budget and stick to it. To make sure the incidentals don't break the bank for you, Cruise Critic put together a list of 10 things that will cost you extra onboard — and how to find discounts and savings.

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From: kizmet1


One might as well skip the ship and just check into a fancy hotel by the sea. No motion sickness to worry about and all the same ways to be relieved if your money.

For those prone to that, this will work easily!  The ship has the advantage of change scenery.




and seeing a variety of wonderful interesting places.

The Hokey Pokey Lady (TOILETHEA1) said...

The ship has the advantage of change scenery.


True, some places you can't see anyother way.




Place to place by any other means has all the same expenses, it's just a matter of choice of venue or modality.  Stay at Caesar's Palace in LV and you will have to pay for ALL meals and ALL shows plus tips, gratuities, and service fees plus taxes, not a whole lot of difference when you add it all up, and you never got a change in scenery to boot.

I'd rather stay in Vegas for those reasons, and I would have more control of my spending and will know what I'm paying for without the sticker shock at the end of a cruise.




It's like a lot of things, you do not have to leave the bargain area to experience a cruise.  Don't buy liquor, cigars, fancy spa services, just go, take your meals with the rest of the plebes and relax.

When I went to LV last, I stayed WAY off the Strip for my hotel, saved a small fortune, used low cost restaurants and delis and had a ball, I'm a cheap date.

I don't go to Vegas anymore, things like everywhere, keep going up and up. Laughlin used to be a good deal, cheaper then Vegas,  I'll have to look and find out if it still is.