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New Orleans   U.S.A

Started Jan-22 by Professor Giggle Maker (TOILETHEA1); 78 views.

There is more to New Orleans then just the French Quarter and Bourbon Street.  Here are some place to go visit;

National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is an outstanding museum with engaging exhibits and documentary snippets that tell the history of WWII as it was fought in Europe and in the Pacific. The museum is divided into three sections, with one section devoted to the war in the Pacific, another devoted to the war in Europe, and a third building that houses WWII aircraft. A film entitled Beyond All Boundaries, produced and narrated by Tom Hanks, is shown in the 4D Theater, with chairs that rumble as tanks go by on the screen, and stage props that turn the film into a full on sensory experience. As visitors move from room to room through the exhibits, short black-and-white documentary style film segments give a real life look at how the items on display were involved in the war. Oral histories add to the impact. Each visitor is assigned a profile of someone who was in the war, and oral updates are available at stations throughout the complex to follow the soldier's progression through war time. Also part of the complex is the Stage Door Canteen, featuring entertainment from the 1940s, with matinees and dinner shows.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square is the main square in the heart of the French Quarter, originally known as Place d'Armes. In the center of the square, surrounded by trees and greenery, is an equestrian statue (1856) of General Andrew Jackson. Standing prominently at one end of the square is the landmark St. Louis Cathedral, with its white façade and cone shaped spires.

 Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall is an unassuming old building that has long been an institution in New Orleans known for jazz music. The historic hall still features traditional jazz by local artists. The building is small, creating an intimate setting, and seating is limited. Opening times and events are listed on the door each day, so if you are walking past in the afternoon you can see what's happening in the evening.

St Louis Cathedral

On the north side of Jackson Square is the St Louis Cathedral, a landmark structure in New Orleans. It was built in 1794 on the site of two earlier churches and is known for being the United States' oldest cathedral in continuous use. Pope John Paul II visited the cathedral in 1987.

The church was built through contributions from Don Andres Almonester de Roxas, a Frenchman who spent money from his fortune to rebuild New Orleans after the second great fire.

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They did not mention the amazing cemetery tours, both in the Quarters and at the end of the Trolley/Bus lines and more, amazingly beautiful statuary and ornate tombs as well as historic personages like Al Hirt and more.  One of the cemeteries is laid out on an old race course so is tracklike in form, makes it all the more interesting.

Very interesting, thank you for sharing this!