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Your Own Personal 'Floating' Cabin   U.S.A

Started Jan-23 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 173 views.

Your Own Personal 'Floating' Cabin at This Lake Resort in Tennessee

At Hales Bar Marina & Resort in Haletown, Tennessee, guests can watch the sun rise and set over beautiful Nickajack Lake from their own personal floating cabins.

Located two hours from Nashville and 15 minutes from Chattanooga, Hales Bar Marina & Resort is as rich as history as it is in views. Situated on the site of the former Hales Bar Dam, this Tennessee River Valley landmark has been a popular vacation destination since the 1970s. And, with prices starting at just $124 a night, it’s totally affordable.

The fuss-free resort boasts 15 fully furnished floating cabins, with one-, two-, and three-bedroom options available. Imagine fishing from the private deck of your floating cabin while dinner simmers away in the kitchenette inside. Swoon.

Don’t have your sea legs? They also have land cabins and RV spots with full hookups year-round. And for those of you who appreciate a little extra excitement, the resort also happens to be listed on the top 10 list of most haunted places in Tennessee.


From: kizmet1


You've been in the desert too long, lol. In the cities with lakes and rivers those are called "houseboats". We have them on the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Some live year round while the rich use them in the summer when they do a lot of water skiing.
Ever see the original Tammy movie with Debbie Reynolds? She lived in one

LOL I think so too!  We get amazed when our dry, sandy rivers fill up with water during our rainy season!

No, I never saw that movie.


From: kizmet1


You've heard song, haven't you?

Yes I have, it's lovely!

Ok, I'll have to do that.