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Places to see in Washington State   U.S.A

Started Feb-4 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 106 views.


 Lake Chelan

At the base of Washington’s North Cascades Mountain Range is Lake Chelan, a hub for scenery, outdoor recreation and wine tasting in the Pacific Northwest. Visiting vineyards is a major draw to the region, and you can spend a day sipping and sightseeing at places like Vin du Lac Winery, Karma Vineyards or Mellisoni Vineyards. For a closer look at the incredible natural terrain, ride on a seaplane that takes off and lands in the lake itself, or try water-skiing during the summer months. Hiking possibilities are abundant, and on Historic Main Street you can dine on farm-to-table cuisine from a range of independent eateries.

 Columbia River Gorge

South of the Rattlesnake Hills, and right in the heart of the Columbia River Plateau, is the Columbia River Gorge. The gorge cuts through the Cascade Mountains forming the boundary between Washington and Oregon, and you can get spectacular views of the gorge from above. The Multnomah Falls cascade right into the gorge at one point, only adding to the beauty of this particular destination. One of the best ways to see the Columbia River Gorge from the Washington side is to drive along State Route 14, stopping off at the many scenic vantage points for photos.


After Seattle, Spokane is the largest city in Washington, and it is located in the eastern portion of the state close to the border with Idaho. In Spokane, you can visit the Riverfront Park, which was home to the 1974 World’s Fair, and stroll along the banks of the scenic Spokane River. Some of the city’s top attractions include the John A. Finch Arboretum, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and Spokane Falls. You may also want to check out some of the city’s popular golf courses or take a tasting tour through some of the many breweries that have popped up in Spokane in recent years.

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From: Meriana


They left Tillicum Village off the list.  To get to Tillicum Village one takes a ferry from Pier 55 at the Seattle waterfront to Blake Island.  Following is the information from

Located in Blake Island State Park, across Puget Sound from Seattle, Tillicum Village is a truly Pacific Northwest Experience. This beautiful spot is essentially a large restaurant and performance hall, which is designed as a traditional Northwest Coast longhouse, complete with totem poles towering out front. A visit here includes a salmon dinner, tribal performances, and more. Upon visiting the Tillicum Village, which is only accessible by boat, you’ll be greeted by villagers dressed in Northwest Coastal Native tribal costume. Outside the longhouse facility, visitors are given a cup of clams and broth. As you enter the longhouse, a cooking display shows whole salmon being cooked on cedar stakes over an alder wood fire in a traditional style of Northwest Coastal Natives. A buffet-style meal includes baked salmon, new red potatoes, warm whole grain bread, wild and long grain rice, and a fresh salad bar. After your meal, the Tillicum Village dancers provide a performance that incorporates traditional stories, dances, and songs of Northwest Coastal Native groups. Following the performance, you can visit a gallery featuring regional Northwest artwork, watch a totem pole carving demonstration by Native Americans, and walk along the beaches and trails of Blake Island.

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On the return ferry ride one is treated to a beautiful view of Seattle. 

Wow, this sounds awesome!


From: Meriana


We've gone a couple of times. It's as amazing, and awesome as the write up makes it sound.  Definitely a trip one should take when visiting the Seattle area

I'd love to go there for sure!