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Star Wars fans will love this!   U.S.A

Started Feb-9 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 133 views.

Star Wars hotel at Disney World to open in 2021. What you need to know about reservations

Chewie, we're home ... for the next two days, anyway.

Star Wars fans, start saving your credits for a new resort experience at Disney World in Orlando, reports Florida Today, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network. Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, a two-day, two-night completely immersive hotel, launches in 2021, but reservations will open later this year.

In a Disney blog post, Walt Disney Imagineering executive producer Ann Morrow said, "Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is a completely new type of experience... You’re going to live onboard a star cruiser … and you can get wrapped up in the larger Star Wars story.”

On arrival at the resort, guests will enter a launch pod that will simulate the experience of blasting off into space. When the pod doors open, guests will find themselves immersed "in a galaxy far, far away" aboard a star cruiser named the Halcyon.

Adults and kids become the hero of their own "Star Wars" adventures by trying out their light saber skills against a training remote and taking a tour of the ship's bridge to learn about the navigation and defense systems.


From: Meriana


That would be such a fun place to stay, awesome for kids. Well even for adult Star Wars fans.  I wonder how many that stay there will miss seeing the rest of Disney World attractions opting for the complete Star Wars experience

  • Edited February 10, 2020 12:27 pm  by  Meriana

I think a lot of die-hard Star Wars fans will do just that!


From: Meriana


Ok I have to admit it....if I went there, I'd probably be one of those that missed out on other Disney World attractions as I wallowed in Star Wars stuff.

I think my brother would too!