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Places to visit in and around Islamabad Pakistan   Asia

Started Mar-3 by KhalidMush; 65 views.

From: KhalidMush


Islamabad is the most planned city of Pakistan. It is referred as a gateway to northern areas of Pakistan. Being the capital city of Pakistan, there is a lot of political adventure going around. 

Point of interest around Islamabad are

  1. Murree
  2. Swat Kalam
  3. Naran Kaghan
  4. Azad Kashmir
  5. Khanpur
  6. Mangla Dam

Islamabad is home to many migrants from other regions of Pakistan and has a cultural and religious diversity of considerable antiquity. Due to its location on the Pothohar Plateau, remnants of ancient cultures and civilisations such as Aryan, Soanian, and Indus valley Civilisation can still be found in the region. A 15th-century Gakhar fort, Pharwala Fort is located near Islamabad. Rawat fort in the region was built by the Gakhars in 16th century and contains the grave of the Gakhar chief,