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Travel to Europe amid coronavirus   General Travel Discussion

Started Mar-4 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 223 views.

Travel to Europe amid coronavirus outbreak: Is it OK to go, or better to wait?

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads across Europe, Americans might be asking if they should make plans to travel there or cancel plans they've already made. At this early stage, though, even travel medicine specialists don't have a clear answer as they work toward better understanding the scope of the outbreak.

Little is known about the novel coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. There is no vaccine or treatment, and public health officials are still learning how it spreads. Those whose expertise focuses on Europe aren't sure how the continent will manage the threat, especially with its porous borders.

The best advice travel medicine professionals can give is to take precautions, avoid areas where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns against travel, and avoid travel if you have underlying health conditions that could make you more vulnerable to infection.

"Everybody needs to have a plan on how they’re going to deal with this," said Ruth Carrico, a travel medicine specialist at the University of Louisville Vaccine and International Travel Center.

Carrico said travelers should be prepared to make adjustments as more becomes known about how widespread the infections are.

"It’s a moving target," she said. "We’re at a point where we don’t have enough information to help people make an accurate assessment."

Universities and companies aren't taking any chances. Many universities have canceled study abroad programs and asked students and employees overseas to return home. Large corporations have issued a moratorium on international travel and conferences, and some are even asking people to work at home.


From: RGoss99


I live in Europe, and Will be traveling over the weekend. I read a rather interesting solution to protecting oneself from the virus.

Pretend you are a Texan who has been chopping jalapeño peppers. Wash your hands as you would if about to remove your contact lenses.

I suppose if there is no soap or cleanser available, that might work, I've not heard of this before.

Yes, wash your hands with soap and water, often as necessary.   My daughter's in-laws went to Spain a week ago.  Hope everything works out on their return.   My mother in law is in the hospital.  As we go in, security asks us if we have a fever or cough and if we have had contact with someone with coronavirus.   Then she put a hospital bracelet on us and let us in to visit.    

I agree, well said.    Oh dear, I hope they will be ok with them.

I hope your mother in law will be  ok.  Sadly my  question is, how many people will fib to get by security?  I hope none, but people being people, some one will.

Even at the hospital,  how do you know if you have had contact with someone with the virus?   I would hope that if a person has a fever or cough, he/she would stay home.  The second question surprised me - how would you know???   If you did know, I would hope you would quarantine yourself and call CDC..

Very true.  If had even a thought I might, I'd do the same, and I'd hope others would also.


From: RGoss99


I think you misunderstood, it was a joke which you would understand if you ever chopped peppers and rubbed your eyes without first washing your hands. Water just makes it worse-

My bad, silly me, you are very right.