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The Best Roller Coaster and Thrill Rides   U.S.A

Started Mar-9 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 119 views.

The Best Roller Coaster and Thrill Ride in Every State

Alabama: Rampage

Sitting two abreast, this original 1998 coaster has new life in Alabama. The 120-foot-tall wooden Rampage sat dormant for years, but in 2015, Alabama Splash Adventure reopened the refurbished twister that sends riders on a 3,500-foot-long ride with speeds up to 55 miles per hour and a drop of 102 feet.

Alaska: Icy Strait Point Zipline

(Thrill Seeker Runner Up)

With no permanent roller coaster in Alaska, we turn to the Icy Strait Point Zipline and its ability to send visitors 60 miles per hour during a 90-second course. Ready to zoom down 1,300 feet at a 24-degree vertical drop while racing up to five parallel lines at the same time?

Arizona: Desert Storm

At Castles ‘N Coasters, riders can speed up to 50 miles per hour and drop 85 feet while experiencing a pair of inversions on Desert Storm. The looping steel track gets as high as 90 feet as riders side-by-side experience the tallest thrill in Arizona.

Arkansas - X-Coaster

Gaining speeds of 65 miles per hour, riders invert on the steel coaster—one of the few coasters that does inversions without shoulder restraints—that reaches heights of 152 feet on the 492-foot-long track. The coaster sends you straight up from the start before a backward quarter-loop hangs you upside down ahead of a complete corkscrew and speedy vertical drop.

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From: Teresa23


Makes me wish I was at least 30 years younger.

LOL  In my much younger days I thought coasters were fun, they were a lot tamer back then, I'll pass now, I'm happy on the ground and right side up!