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Places to see in Deleware   U.S.A

Started Mar-11 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 98 views.

Places to Visit in Delaware

Rehoboth Beach

When the first English and Dutch settlers arrived sometime between 1650 and 1675, Rehoboth Beach began its history filled with farmers and countrymen, many of whom would go on to fight for freedom during the American War of Independence.


From brewery and winery tours to historical train rides through the countryside to museums of natural and local history to casinos and opera houses; a visit to Wilmington almost certainly has something to offer to everyone, from the solo traveler on a business trip to the full family on vacation.

Bethany Beach

The small town of Bethany Beach is named for the beautiful wide beach that lines its coast. The beach is quieter and much more peaceful than some of the bigger beaches and resorts in the region, and it is well suited for families or groups of friends who want to sunbathe, go swimming, catch some waves on a surfboard, or just enjoy each others' company in a beautiful setting. The large boardwalk behind the beach has shops and food for visitors, and the town of Bethany Beach also has plenty of delicious dining options where guests can indulge in some excellent local seafood.

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

One of the largest remaining collections of tidal salt marsh in the Atlantic region, the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge draws many visitors throughout the year thanks to its unique attractions. Founded in 1937 as a small part of a larger collection of wildlife refuges stretching from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, Bombay Hook presents a breeding and resting ground for migrating birds along the Atlantic coast

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