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TSA now allows 12 oz hand sanitizer   Travel by Plane

Started Mar-16 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 154 views.

TSA will now allow up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer through security checkpoints as coronavirus fears spread

Hand sanitizer in amounts up to 12 ounces - more than three times the current limit, which is 3.4 ounces - is now allowed in carry-on bags through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints and onto planes, an agency spokesperson said Friday. 

However, because the containers will need to be screened separately like computers, it could add slight delays to screening lines. With air traffic dropping thanks to the spreading coronavirus, that uptick may not be noticeable.


From: RGoss99


Good move. Yesterday was my second visit to the local market. On the first visit, when I passed the bars into the food área, there were hand shapped baggies to put over my hands, on the second right next to it was an object that you hit with your wrist to spray your hands before putting on the baggie. 

There was also something that had not occured to me on a sign. It said one should open doors with one´s elbows if posible.

I agree.  Smart move.

Or they should leave the doors open, disabled people would have a hard time doing that.


From: RGoss99


Agreed, but even though I am in the U.K. often, this would be the first time with the virus if I went.

In America, and in my village, it is both the law and practice that all publicly used buildings have doors that open out starting from the middle of the building.

However in much of the UK, one funds people pulling on the handle because doors used to open in usually. It is one way to identify a UK tourist in my village we are in a bar

and start to leave the Brit usually reaches for the handle to pull the door open,but there isn´t any because in all of our shops, some dating over 100 years, they are retrofitted,  so that the only need for 

a handle is to come in. All of the larger shops and some the older traditional ones, have doors that automaticly open into themselves as you approach. 

I really like the automatic doors more then ever, but I'm sure for smaller shops they are horrible expensive. As long as the doors aren't that heavy, I can manage even while holding my walker.