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Disney Cruises camcels Europe/Asia trips   Travel by Ship/Boat

Started Jun-9 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 93 views.

Disney Cruise Line Cancels Europe and Alaska 2020 Sailings

Transport Canada's temporary ban on cruise ships carrying more than 100 passengers means that Disney’s 2020 Alaska sailings out of Vancouver will not be able to take place.


The cruise line has also canceled its 2020 Europe sailings, including the 10-night trans-Atlantic repositioning cruise from Dover to New York.

The rest of the fleet also remains docked through July. The Disney Dream is scheduled to set sail for its first post-pandemic cruise on July 31, and the Disney Fantasy will disembark on August 1. 

Disney will be offering customers who have paid for their cruise in full the choice of a 125 percent future cruise credit to be put toward a future sailing within 15 months of their original sail date or a full refund.


From: RGoss99


Not surprising as even before the virus my port (Palma de Mallorca) was talking about limiting the size and number of cruise ships docking.

Example, imagine 9000 persons (passengers and crew) deboarding on foot crossing our sea side highway at the same time around 09:00.

And this is only one cruise ship.

Currently our harbor is closed to all private yachts and cruise ships, which leaves 4 ferries to the mainland, plus cargo vessels needed to supply our island.

We are now in phase 3, as a month ago with no new infections or deaths for 2 weeks, we entered phase 1. Cruise ships and airplanes are great incubators

for the virus.

I agree about the cruise ships being incubators, I really don't see cruising becoming as popular as it used to be.  Personally, I wouldn't go on one especially for the rest of this year.

Good for your port, oh my gosh, good point, an awful lot of people, good idea to limit them.