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Airlines may ban those who refuse masks   Travel by Plane

Started Jun-17 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 65 views.

Airlines may ban passengers who refuse to wear masks

American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines are now threatening to ban any passenger who refuses to wear a mask on board. Their decision is part of a larger push from all major United States airlines made to hold fliers accountable following complaints from passengers that their mandatory mask requirements were not being enforced.

By May 11, all major U.S. airlines put new policies in place stating that passengers and crew have to wear face coverings in order to fly. Exceptions exist for kids, passengers eating and drinking and for those with certain medical conditions.

Still, not everyone has been following the rules.MORE: With face coverings and social distancing, COVID-19 ushers in new age of air travel

Dr. Michael Anderson was under the impression "[he] would be surrounded with everyone wearing a mask" on his United Airlines flight on June 6 to Denver, but was shocked to see at least three passengers board the aircraft without face coverings.

"I'm still angry," Anderson told ABC News as he explained that neither the gate agent nor the flight attendant stopped them. "I was just very, very concerned. If the airlines want us to start flying again, want us to feel as though they're safe, well then how are they not enforcing the basics of a mask?"

On Sunday, 51-year-old Stephan Termaat had a similar experience on an American Airlines flight from Miami to Dallas. Termaat said he asked the flight attendant to intervene after he noticed two guys sitting three rows ahead of him, not wearing masks.

The flight attendant told Termaat it was their policy to require masks on board the aircraft, and that she could offer them a mask, but could not make them wear one, according to him.

"it is a little disconcerting that [they] have a policy and [they] choose not to enforce it," Termatt said.