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Trip on the Rocky Mountaineer   Travel by Car/Bus/Trains

Started Nov-13 by Chocolate Pig (TOILETHEA1); 97 views.
Chocolate Pig (TOILETHEA1)

I Took the Rocky Mountaineer's Newest Train Route From Colorado to Utah — Here's What It Was Like

As the morning sun peaked behind the Rocky Mountaineer train, I could tell that my fellow passengers and I were in for a treat. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, so views from the train, with its dome-like sightseeing cars, were bound to be impressive. After all, the jaw-dropping vistas are the main highlight of the Rocky Mountaineer's newest route between Denver, Colorado, and Moab, Utah.

Aptly named Rockies to the Red Rocks, this route is the first U.S. itinerary for the Canadian rail company. It also marks the first time a passenger train has made its way to Moab. These major milestones, along with the grandeur of the route's ever-changing landscapes, drew train buffs from near and far clamoring for a chance to be among the first passengers to ride these rails.


I met folks who had ridden the Rocky Mountaineer several times in Canada, another who explored Japan's high-speed rail system, and even a passenger who spent two weeks on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest railway line in the world. Despite our varying levels of train travel experience and expertise, however, we still came to the same conclusion: the Rockies to the Red Rocks experience is not one to miss.

As the train pulled out of Denver for the beginning of our two-day adventure, I settled into my assigned seat. Knowing that I would be on the train for eight hours on day one and five hours on day two, I was happy to find that I had plenty of legroom. My seat could also slide forward to create the effect of reclining without bothering the person behind me — the first of many thoughtful touches I'd experience during my journey on the Rocky Mountaineer.

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