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Traveling with your pet?   General Travel Discussion

Started Jan-22 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 329 views.

Flying with a dog for the first time? We asked a vet for advice.

A couple of months ago, I flew for the first time with a dog. My partner and I were bringing our foster dog, Bono, from New York to his forever home in Florida.

It was an interesting experience and one that we didn't feel prepared for – even by the time we boarded the plane. Having done it once, I was still curious about what a vet would advise pet owners do to prepare for flying with a beloved furry friend.

So whether it's your first time or you want to confirm you've been taking the proper precautions, I consulted Dr. Jeremy Kimmelstiel, an associate regional medical director at Bond Vet in New York City, on how to fly with a dog. 

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Question: How would you advise people to prepare to fly with a pet?

Jeremy Kimmelstiel: Ensure you are aware of all rules and regulations put in place by your airline, the Transportation Security Administration and your destination before venturing to the airport with your furry friend. 

Chat with your vet about any concerns you may have for Fluffy or Fido well in advance of your trip. I would say 6-8 weeks before you're scheduled to depart if you can. This will allow time to update any necessary vaccinations, try out any medications prior to travel day and sort out any preexisting health concerns. Plus, if your destination requires travel paperwork, it may need to be on a very strict timeline. 

Acclimate your pet to their carrier. Leaving the carrier out in a comfortable place, such as the living room or your bedroom, will make them less anxious about getting into it to leave the house. 

Q: How does one tell what an airline requires?

Kimmelstiel: I would recommend checking your airline's website or calling their customer service department to find out exactly what is required for pets to fly on their aircraft. Airlines vary greatly in what they require, and requirements can be changed frequently. 

If traveling internationally, you should also check with your destination prior to departure to ensure your pet meets all health requirements for entry. 

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From: Fluvi


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krathyn 6 (Phantom7031)

rough translation:
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krathyn 6 (Phantom7031)

please see rough English translation above

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krathyn 6 (Phantom7031)

Yes my pets are always members of my family.. I have a cat who owns me.

Mis mascotas siempre son miembras de mi familia. Tengo un gato que me se habe. 


From: VeeAnn17


Thank you for this helpful information. It's a big help for us that can't leave our pets at home during vacations.  heart_eyes

You are very welcome  :)