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Little known places to see in Belgium   Europe

Started May-6 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 85 views.

Hidden gems in Wallonia

Hobbit house in Rochefort

Who thinks you should travel all the way to New Zealand to admire hobbit houses could not be more wrong! I found one at the Domaine de Chevetogne in Belgium! It is a big recreational domain that offers a lot of activities during the summertime. Even though during the off-season all activities are closed, you can still visit the park (for free!).

Every year the park organizes the Salon Passion Robinson, an event where architects and builders come to build all sorts of cabins, yurts, trailers, tree-tents and other light habitats. Normally all creations are taken down afterwards, but the park kept this unique hobbit house. Which I certainly don’t mind because I absolutely love it! Also its surroundings are stunning. This hidden gem is located in the forest near a pond with a wooden bridge.

Location: Rue des Pîrchamps 1, 5580 Rochefort

Wizard’s cabin near Namur, Belgium’s best kept secret place

Not only is this fairytale cabin a well kept secret and probably the most off the beaten path place in Belgium, there is also an interesting story behind it!

One day an American traveler visited a very large estate with all its meadows. He liked it, so he asked the owner to build a small house, so he could return whenever he wanted. The property would be of the owner, so he agreed and the cabin was built with recovered material. Strangely the American never returned…
No one really knows what happened to him?

Maison de Hary Cot in Wéris

This is one of the most dreamy hidden gems in Belgium! This cute fairytale house called Maison de Hary Cot looks as if it comes straight out of a Tim Burton movie! It is situated at Wéris, one of Wallonia’s most beautiful villages. The house is built and owned by Dominique Noël, who I happened to meet while I was taking photos and admiring the house! He told me it took him 7 years to built and tried to do it as ecological as possible! He used wood from Grandmesnil and stones from a quarry in Heyd. A lot of elements come from recovery.

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