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10 best roller coasters for 2022   General Travel Discussion

Started May-16 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 118 views.

Get your thrills: These are the 10 best roller coasters of 2022

No. 10: The Voyage at Holiday World. Head to the aptly named Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana for one of the nation’s most highly regarded wooden roller coasters. Highlights include one of the steepest drops on a wooden coaster, a world record of five underground tunnels and a whopping 24.3 seconds of weightlessness. This is no quick ride, either. The Voyage adventure is more than a mile long, earning it the honors of one of the world’s longest and fastest wooden roller coasters.

No. 9: Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Reopened in March 2022 after a seven-year closure, this attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay was initially built as a wooden dueling roller coaster named for a fabled creature with the body of a lion and the head of a tiger. It is billed as “North America’s tallest and world’s fastest and steepest hybrid coaster.” Thrill-seekers are plunged from a 206-foot-tall peak into a 91-degree drop and will experience three inversions and a dozen airtime moments during this ride with a maximum speed of 76 mph. 
No. 8: Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Universal’s Islands of Adventure invites you to “feel the rush of the hunt” as you board a vehicle for a high-speed race through the theme park’s Jurassic World raptor paddock. The VelociCoaster features a maximum speed of 70 mph, with four inversions and a signature 155-foot-tall top hat, 90-degree ascent and 90-degree descent element. 10Best panelist Nikida Metellus raves, “It’s fast, it’s unpredictable, it’s wild, but it’s AMAZING!” 
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