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Amazing Hidden Gems in North Dakota   U.S.A

Started May-21 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 89 views.

Amazing Hidden Gems in North Dakota

Garrison Dam, Garrison

One of the world’s biggest earthen-built dams in the world, Garrison Dam can be found between Riverdale and Pick City. Constructed between the mid-1940s and mid-1950s, it is the handiwork of military engineers.

Stretching for two miles, it’s an impressive feat of engineering. It did, however, lead to the destruction of traditional life for three large tribal groups when they had to relocate.

Enjoy the river views with a drive over the dam, or head down under the dam and chill out alongside the Missouri River where you can enjoy camping, picnicking, and fishing. Learn more about the dam’s construction and purpose with a visit to the hydro-electric plant. The energy created by the facility is enough to serve several hundred thousand people.

While at the dam you can also see the large Lake Sakakawea reservoir, named in honour of a lady from the Shoshone indigenous group, the third-biggest artificial lake in the USA.

 The Village of Murals, Jud.

A small city (remember, no towns and villages!) with around 75 residents, Jud is the kind of place that you wouldn’t normally give a second glance to. Situated around 35 miles from Jamestown, it’s well worth a visit when in the area because of its fabulous street art.

The paintings embellish walls, doors, shutters, and whole buildings throughout the city, created by arty locals who wanted to make the area look attractive, appealing, and fresh all the time.

The side of the Post Office building sports a pale floral design on a postage stamp. A snowy night scene is emblazoned on the front of the Dog House Bar and Rodeo. Dagen’s Grocery, which dates back to the early 1900s, sports a Coca Cola design as well as other features. Scenes of rural and countryside life decorate some structures, with fields, hills, flowers, pheasants, and rivers.

Sure, Jud can’t compare to some of the world’s most famous street-art destinations—it simply isn’t big enough—but for a small destination in North Dakota the artwork is unique and pleasant to see.

Knife River Indian Villages, Minot

Just south of the city of Minot you’ll find the fascinating Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site. Travel back through the years and discover how indigenous groups lived in times gone by.

The site was established in 1974 to conserve the much-older cultural heritage and nature of the area. Archeological remains are scattered throughout the grasslands and forests, seductively whispering of long-past legacies. There are also wetland areas, which are home to various bird species and sandbars to add to the diverse terrain.

Learn more about the agricultural practices of the Plains Indians and their lucrative trading ventures as you explore historic villages alongside the gentle Knife River. Scenes of riverfront life, with joyful women sitting outside their huts while men chatted and smoked and children played with dolls and sticks, are easy to imagine as you hear the stories and explore the site.

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