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Amazing Hidden Gems in South Dakota   U.S.A

Started May-21 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 98 views.

Amazing Hidden Gems in South Dakota

South Dakota Air and Space Museum, Box Elder

Sitting right outside the gates of Ellsworth Air Force Base, close to Box Elder in the spectacular Black Hills, South Dakota Air and Space Museum is a terrific place for curious kids and adults alike.

Home to many exhibits and displays related to aviation and aerospace, budding pilots and astronauts will feel right at home here. There are hands-on and interactive activities to really help people get involved and have fun while learning more about space travel and flight.

The museum also remembers innovators and members of the military who helped America to progress over the years.

Collections include vintage aircraft and modern-day planes, missiles, survival equipment, breathing apparatus, and other pieces of technology. Stroll through the Aviation Hall of Fame and learn more about the people who defended and developed the nation. There are many inspiring and patriotic stories.

Nicollet Tower, Sisseton

Not only can you gaze in awe over the Sunshine State, but views also extend into neighbouring Minnesota and North Dakota.

Standing 75 feet tall, Nicollet Tower was constructed to pay homage to Joseph N. Nicollet, a French mapmaker who spent several years exploring and charting the prairies. The cartographer worked with indigenous people, striving hard to ensure that place names were accurately recorded according to Native American use. The final result was a large map of the area between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

At the bottom of the tower you can visit an interpretive centre and see the actual map. Learn more about the journey that Nicollet took and his encounters with local tribal groups. There is also eye-catching artwork depicting Nicollet’s travels and work along with detailed information about the local tribal

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