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Best Places to Visit in Kenya   Africa

Started Jul-21 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 143 views.

Best Places to Visit in Kenya

NOTE; Check for Covid restrictions before going

Kenya lies at the very heart of the East African Rift Valley. A place of world-class wildlife viewing and legendary game reserves, it’s surely amongst the most-visited of countries in the region.

Just check out the bucket-list-busting migrations that take place in the vast Mara, or look to the soaring heights of Mount Kenya, surrounded by flamingos and rare rhinos and wildebeest and more! However, Kenya’s isn’t just about 4X4s across the savannahs to spot elephants and lions.

It’s also got mile upon mile of beautiful coastline along the Indian Ocean.

Maasai Mara

Home to perhaps the single most famous safari park in the world (sorry Kruger), this relatively small national reserve magnesites thousands of travelers to the reaches of East Africa every year.

It’s bordered to the south (and immediately contiguous with) Tanzania’s acclaimed Serengeti National Park, and displays the quintessential backcountry of the East African Rift: undulating savannah plains peppered with galloping zebra herds; swaying grasslands punctuated with the lanky stalks of giraffes; meadows of topi and waterholes dotted with cape buffalo.

Safari is – of course – the biggest pull, with countless people heading in for The Great Migration and to see the fabled Big Five of African mammals.

Lamu Island

Ringed by sandbanks, bobbing dhows, mangrove swamps and the lapping waters of the Indian Ocean on the eastern edge of Kenya, little Lamu Island still plays host to one of the most historically rich towns in the nation.

Named – appropriately – Lamu Old Town, this historic port of whitewashed facades and tropical timber wood houses is tagged by UNESCO for its exposition of traditional Swahili building methods.

But that’s not it, because the villages of Shela and Matondoni further along the coast of Lamu also boast a series of fascinating ports and mosques from centuries gone by, while the age-old celebrations of Mawlid are a must for any culture vultures!

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