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23 day cruise to 10 states   Travel by Ship/Boat

Started Aug-26 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 119 views.

This 23-day Cruise Takes You to 10 States on Some of the Most Scenic Rivers in the U.S.

American Queen Voyages announced its longest-ever itinerary, sailing from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh, aboard the 245-passenger American Countess.

American Queen Voyages is launching its longest-ever itinerary next year, which will spend nearly three weeks sailing from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh.

The company will kick off the 23-day journey on July 24, 2023, on the American Countess, the cruise line shared with Travel + Leisure. The ship will sail more than 1,700 miles from Minnesota down the Ohio River and Upper Mississippi River, calling on more ports and offering more guided tours than ever before.

The ship will then turn around and sail back north from Pittsburgh on Aug. 14, 2023.

"Guests have made the 16-day Mighty Mississippi voyage between Minneapolis (Red Wing) and New Orleans one of our most popular itineraries, and we are pleased to reveal an even more immersive itinerary sailing to Pittsburgh that now incorporates the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers," Isis Ruiz, the chief commercial officer of American Queen Voyages, said in a statement provided to T+L.


Travelers who board the cruise will pass through 10 different states and explore cities like La CrosseWisconsinSt. Louis; Louisville; and Cincinnati.

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