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Wander off the beaten track!   Europe

Started Sep-7 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 99 views.

13 Super Charming European Cities Well Worth a Day Trip

Munich to Salzburg, Austria

Perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of Mozart (as well as the setting for The Sound of Music), Salzburg lies just on the border with Germany. A fully preserved embodiment of Baroque architecture, few modern buildings have been allowed a place in the inner city, meaning it today looks almost the same as it did four hundred years ago. In more ways than one, Salzburg is as Austrian as Austria gets.

Berlin to Szczecin, Poland

As the country's seventh-largest city, Szczecin often finds itself in the shadow of some of Poland's more popular destinations, such as Warsaw or Kraków. Nonetheless, this port city (located just on the Poland-Germany border) is as well loved by German tourists as it is by locals, chiefly for its gorgeous riverfront and locally made beer and vodka.

The Route: Luckily, Szczecin is as easy to get to as it is hard to spell. You can catch a bus from Berlin's central bus station to central Szczecin for about $14 one way, and you'll arrive in just over two hours.

Paris to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

One of Europe's smallest capital cities (in one of Europe's smallest countries), Luxembourg City is known as the "Gibraltar of the North" for its vast series of medieval fortifications.

The Route: The high-speed train will get you there from Paris in just two hours, with one-way fares starting at $31.

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