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Sept edition of Delphi News & Views   U.S.A

Started Sep-8 by Lyndy (Lyndy7); 72 views.
Lyndy (Lyndy7)

From: Lyndy (Lyndy7)


The September edition of the News &  Views is now available for your enjoyment! Come along and enjoy the featured forums - Foolish Fun and Arizona Places and History. We also have the new feature - facts about dogs and the old favorites facts about cats; quotes and jokes! There is something for everyone! 

If you want your forum featured in the next edition of Delphiforums News & Views, just let Showtalk know your forum name and address so we can look at your forum.! Our next edition will be out in time for Christmas so, if you have a special theme for your forum for Christmas - let us know! Also if you have jokes or facts of interest about animals let me know and I will include it - join in at the forum and have some fun!