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Island with more flamingoes then people!   Mexico/Cent. Amer./Caribbean

Started Nov-6 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 130 views.

This Little-known Caribbean Island Has Bright Blue Waters and More Flamingos Than People

Driving down a winding road with a view of wild cacti and centuries-old coral rock on one side and the deepest blue sea I've ever seen on the other, I was caught between two landscapes that felt like total opposites, yet somehow made total sense.


I soon came to find out that this is the magic of Bonaire.


The Dutch Caribbean island, which sits just above South America and underneath the hurricane belt, is a study in contrasts. Vibrant pink flamingos outnumber people, schools of rainbow-colored fish swim just below the surface of crystal clear water, while wild donkeys flanked by mountains stretched over wide-open land roam free.

Bonaire is the "B" in the "ABC Islands," an under-discovered paradise that is often dwarfed by its more popular neighbors, Aruba and Curacao. In fact, in 2019, the island only saw 157,800 visitors, about 25% of them Americans, according to Statistics Netherlands.

But what it lacks in hordes of tourists, it more than makes up for in authenticity with nary a chain store in sight and no traffic lights to be found.


"When you come here, you see the island as it is… it's as raw as it can be," Derchlien Vrolijk, the marketing coordinator for the Tourism Corporation Bonaire, said. "We want to stay raw, we don't want to change. You want the tourists here, but they come here to see the island, they come here to eat the food, and they come here to meet the people."

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