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Carnival Cruise Line Is Raising Prices   Travel by Ship/Boat

Started Jan-4 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 105 views.

Carnival Cruise Line Is Significantly Raising Prices for Guests

Following similar moves by other major cruise lines, Carnival Cruise Line is set to raise gratuity rates as well as Wi-Fi rates in the coming weeks. Guests who pre-pay for these charges can still take advantage of lower rates for these significant increases.

Carnival Gratuity Rates Increasing

Gratuities, the service charges that go to reward hard-working crew members, including dining staff and stateroom attendants, are being increased for all stateroom categories effective from April 1, 2023

For all embarkations on or after that date, the rate for standard staterooms – interior cabins, ocean views, and balconies – will be $16 per guest, per day, up from $14.50, an increase of roughly 10% per day.

Suite guests will begin paying $18 per guest, per day, instead of the current rate of $16.50, an increase of 9%. Carnival Cruise Line last raised gratuity rates in May 2022, making this adjustment the second increase in less than one year.

While many cruise travelers agree that crew members deserve gratuities for their hard work and the special efforts they make to ensure guests have a great cruise, two increases in just 11 months is significant, especially when this second increase is much larger.

Carnival Wi-Fi Rates Also Increasing

In addition to raising gratuity rates, the prices for Carnival Cruise Line’s internet Wi-Fi packages are also being increased at an even faster rate, with new prices effective from all embarkations as of Monday, January 16, 2023.

Carnival offers three different internet packages – the social, value, and premium plans. The social plan includes only social media and airline website access.

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